YORKSURe: Yorkshire Screening of Urine Trial

To complete the set-up activities for your practice to take part in the YORKSURe trial you will need to sign up and register with iPLATO healthcare myGP Population Health.

To sign up for this trial with the iPLATO Healthcare myGP Population Health Service please click on the ‘Sign Up Here’ button below.

If you have technical issues with completing the form or any questions about text messaging please contact the myGP Population Health Team  at with any questions at  with ‘YORKSURe Trial’ in the email header.

If you have questions about the YORKSURe trial please contact the YORKSURe trial team at 

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 The Trial 

The YORKSURe trial is investigating the feasibility of home urine screening and community early detection as a method for detecting bladder cancer.

The trial aims to identify men, aged between 65 and 79 registered with GP Practices across South Yorkshire, who will be asked to self-test their urine at home using a kit sent in the post. Any participants with abnormal self-testing results will be seen in a community clinic and referred into an NHS 2 week wait pathway where required.

This project is fully funded at no cost to your practice.

The myGP Population Health Team at iPLATO Healthcare are working with the YORKSURe trial team to identify eligible participants from your practice via a simple search, to send an SMS introducing the project and then assist you to provide the search results to KCL (via iPLATO) who will arrange for eligible participants to receive a home urine-testing kit for the trial.

For this trial iPlato Healthcare will only send SMS messages to patients consenting to receive SMS messages from their GP Practice, and who have not registered a National Data Opt out request. 


The myGP Population Health Team at iPLATO 

The myGP Population Health Service

The myGP Population Health Team at iPLATO have supported health campaigns and trials for NHS England & Improvement, Public Health England, Universities, cancer networks and clinical commissioning groups to improve the population engagement, increase uptake of screening as well as advocate disease prevention and wellbeing services.

Data Processing and Data Sharing Summary

  1. iPLATO will facilitate the extraction of client demographic data via the practice clinical system phonebook, for which the data will be minimised as far as possible.
  2. All data is processed within the HSCN network.
  3. Only patients who have consented to receive SMS will be contacted.
  4. iPLATO Healthcare acts as a data processor for this service.