The myGP Online Registration Campaign

Text Message Campaign

iPLATO will send SMS messages on behalf of your practice to patients that have not yet registered for myGP. You will remain the Data Controller for your patient data, we will simply process this data on your behalf. We make sure that the messages are relevant to the different types of patients and are sent at the best time of day for your patients. We know that sending these kinds of targeted messages are a great way to show your patients the real benefit of myGP and encourage them to download and use the app. Patients will only receive one SMS message every 3 months and only if they have not yet registered for myGP.

Support Provided:

Consultancy Session

Our expert trainers will provide you with free advice regarding your online appointment management so that you can provide your patients with a higher amount of online appointments and improved booking experience.

We will add your practice to our myGP awareness campaign, which means that patients in your area will be able to see social media posts and adverts regarding the features and benefits of myGP. Your practice name will not be mentioned in the advertising, we will only aim to raise awareness of the benefits of myGP in your practice's local area.

Print and Digital Assets

Print: We will post you a FREE promotional pack with posters, leaflets and small appointment cards. These items are great at raising the awareness of myGP within your practice waiting room area or at events.

Digital: We have a library of helpful assets we can support you with including copy, banners, and images for your website/Social media channels.