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Health is not limited to just medical treatment. Voluntary sector organisations can provide services that address social, emotional, and practical aspects of health and well-being, which are crucial for a patient's overall quality of life.

One Slough, in partnership with Slough Borough Council, deliver essential services to residents to help tackle poverty, social isolation and loneliness as well as providing information on how to stay healthy or where residents can access health services. Patients who are aware of these services may be more proactive in seeking support before health issues escalate. 

All eligible patients will be sent a text message providing them with a brief overview of the service, and inviting them to access wellbeing services on the Slough Directory through clicking on the link, or calling the phone number listed in the message.  

Why should I get my practice involved?

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As healthcare professionals, we have a shared goal to advance healthcare as we know it and make positive change happen for others.

This is a fully funded initiative at no cost to your practice. There is no noticeable increase on practice workload.

Registering your practice ensures you are part of a vital programme. Working with iPLATO, SMS messages will be sent to your practice's eligible patients to make them more aware of health services.

It's simple and easy to support:

Step 1: Register your practice.

Step 2: Have a 5-minute set-up call (if required).

Step 3: Provide your patient opt-out list.

Step 4: We do the rest.

How will it work?

  • iPLATO Population Health Service will use text messaging to increase awareness of voluntary sector services available to patients.
  • If the client requests the SMS be sent to patients based on age and gender, the data will be retrieved via a secure connection to each practice’s clinical system and iPLATO will tailor accordingly. If the client requests the SMS to be sent to patients in a specific cohort, Slough Borough Council will provide a tailored list including the patients NHS numbers and ODS Code.
  • iPLATO will send text messages to patients aged 18 and over, registered to GP practices in the borough of Slough. The text message will signpost individuals to the Slough Wellbeing Directory, should they wish to access information and wellbeing services.
  • This SMS Programme will be in addition to any existing programmes.
  • Data Processing and Data Sharing Summary

    • The Bowel Screening Hub will send iPLATO a list of NHS numbers of eligible patients on a weekly basis.
    • These NHS numbers and ODS of registered practice will be used to remotely extract patient mobile phone numbers directly from the PDS via the FHIR API.
    • All data is processed within the HSCN network.
    • We will only require the NHS number to send the SMS but the ODS code will also be extracted to enable confirmation of identify and practice level reporting of messages sent. 
    • iPLATO Healthcare acts as a Data Processor for this service.
    • iPLATO shall implement and maintain, at its cost and expense, appropriate technical and organisational measures in relation to its processing of Patient Data so as to ensure a level of security appropriate to the risks that are presented by the processing.
    • iPLATO will ensure data is transferred safely and is used in line with data sharing governance arrangements agreed with the Bowel Screening Hub.