WEL CCG's - Flu Chatbot Pilot Project

This is a fully funded WEL CCGs pilot project using text messaging and chatbot technology (developed and sponsored by Seqirus UK Ltd.) to provide specific adult patients at risk of flu complications with additional information about flu and flu vaccination.

To participate in this WEL CCGs pilot project, please click on the ‘Participate’ button below to access the online consent form.


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WEL CCGs - Flu Chatbot Pilot Project

  • iPlato Healthcare will be sending text messages or myGP app push notifications to consenting patients registered at practices across WEL CCGs who are at risk of flu complications, specifically;
    - Adults 65 years and older
    - Pregnant women 18 and older
    - Adults 18 and older with a chronic condition
  • The text messages will contain a website link to visit a chatbot with information about flu and flu vaccination. It will direct further questions back to the GP practice. The full text of the SMS and app push notification message is available in the Data Sharing Agreement.
  • This pilot programme will be in addition to any existing flu vaccination programmes. Please note that, upon sign up, no further interaction will be required by the GP Practices.

Data Processing and Data Sharing Summary

  1. iPLATO will facilitate the ongoing extraction of client demographic data via the practice clinical system phonebook, for which the data will be minimised as far as possible.
  2. All data is processed within the HSCN network.
  3. Only patients who have consented to receive SMS will be contacted.
  4. iPLATO Healthcare acts as a data processor for this service.

This SMS/Chatbot service has been developed and sponsored by Seqirus UK Ltd.