London Bowel Cancer Screening Text Reminders and Letters Service

This is a fully funded NHS initiative to improve bowel cancer screening uptake in London through the use of text messaging and GP endorsement.

Currently, patients who have been invited for bowel cancer screening but have not completed a test kit, receive a reminder letter as part of the screening pathway. iPLATO will send a text reminder to participants who have not returned their kit approximately 2-3 weeks after the reminder letter. Messages will sent centrally, therefore consent is required to ensure patients records can be read-coded and to provide the surgery with an audit trail.

Consent is also required to use GP endorsement in the reminder text messages and letters. NHSEI strongly encourages GP-endorsed reminders. Bowel screening participation is around 10% lower in London (55%) than the England average of 65%. GP-endorsed invitation letters were introduced into all London CCGs in June 2016 on the basis of evidence that this low-cost approach leads to an overall increase in screening uptake of around 2% and reduces the social gradient in participation. GP-endorsed SMS reminders are recommended within NHS Screening Programmes.

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Why should I get my practice involved?

As healthcare professionals, we join the NHS with a shared goal to advance healthcare as we know it and make positive change happen for others.

By registering your practice you are endorsing this programme, which can help reduce the incidence of bowel cancer, thereby improving the likelihood of successful treatment and survival outcomes.

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London Bowel Cancer Screening Text Reminder Service

  • NHS England has commissioned iPLATO to support the Bowel Cancer Screening Programme using their text messaging platform called the myGP Population Health Service.
  • iPLATO Healthcare will send a GP endorsed text reminder approximately 2-3 weeks after a reminder letter has been sent to patients.
  • Consent is required for this programme to ensure read-coding can be applied to the individual patient record once the text has been sent. Consent is also required to use GP endorsement in the letters and reminder texts messages.

Data Processing and Data Sharing Summary

  • iPLATO will use the Personal Demographics Service (PDS) to extract patient mobile numbers.
  • All data is processed within the HSCN network.
  • iPLATO Healthcare acts as a data processor for this service and the required Data Processing Agreements and Data Protection Impact Assessments have been signed off by NHS England.