Democratising Bowel Cancer Screening Uptake

This project aims to improve the early detection and diagnosis of cancer. We will achieve this by increasing uptake of bowel cancer screening. In partnership with South East London Cancer Alliance, we will target patient groups with protected characteristics, lower socioeconomic status or socially excluded.

We will focus on colorectal cancer, where lower proportions of patients are diagnosed at stage one or two and roll out the innovation across London, East of England, Cheshire & Merseyside, and other areas already contracted to use iPLATO' s service.

Currently, the uptake of bowel cancer screening in South East London is 58% against a national target of 75%. Through health inequalities, the uptake is lower in underserved groups. These low uptake rates lead to cancers going undetected in the early stages.

Patients who did not return their FIT Kit will receive a text message directing them to educational content about the importance of bowel screening, instructions on how to take the kit and the option to re-order their FIT Kit. The text wording of the SMS and the educational content will be informed by consultation with patient groups.

iPLATO has been supporting cancer screening programmes for many years and its programmes have increased cervical, breast and bowel cancer screening attendance. For this project, we have set the objective to increase bowel screening uptake by 5% to 10%. At a national scale this would result in savings to the NHS of £13m to £26m.

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Why should I get my practice involved?

As healthcare professionals, we join the NHS with a shared goal to advance healthcare as we know it and make positive change happen for others. 

Registering your practice ensures your patients are provided with the opportunity to participate in the programme, ultimately leading to better health outcomes.

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London Bowel Cancer Screening Text Reminder Service

  1. SBRI has commissioned iPLATO to support the South East London Bowel Cancer Screening Programme using their text messaging platform called the myGP Population Health Service.
  2. Consent is required for this programme in order for iPLATO to contact the patients.

Data Processing and Data Sharing Summary

  1. iPLATO will use the Personal Demographics Service (PDS) to extract patient mobile numbers.
  2. All data is processed within the HSCN network.
  3. iPLATO Healthcare acts as a data processor for this service and the required Data Processing Agreements and Data Protection Impact Assessments have been signed off by NHS England.